Edinburgh Hogmanay


Christmas and New years in Edinburgh


Naomi came to visit us for the Edinburgh Hogmanay, which she had missed last year because work had pulled her back. We had to show her what she missed so we did the full experience again. We heard lots of bagpipes, saw some castles, and watched some fireworks. It was really awesome. 

Roslyn Cathedral

Davinci code

Final resting place of the holy grail in the Da Vinci Code, this is a really interesting church. Can't remember any of the history but, the plan was initially to make it a large cathedral, but then plans were cut short and it was made shorter. Inside there are 3 pillers, one of the pillers was made by a stone mason and the other by his apprentice. Word is that the stone mason was jealous of his apprentices work and he murdered the apprentice. oooOOOOoooo

Trip To mussleburough Kirsten!


Scottish monument to religious freedom

View from stirling Castle

Where the braveheart fight took place  

William Wallace!!!!!!

One of the Castle Courtyards

Where the castle is at

This beautiful view is taken from inside the castle. 

Torchlight festival

20,000 Torchlights

There were 20,000 torches marching towards a live concert with amazing fireworks. Spectacular. 


The next few pictures are from the Edinburgh Hogmanay

Lots of people, more great fireworks. 

The End